I drank the most popular Aramasa in Japan now.

Today, too, I’m drinking alone in the dust. Finally. I’d love to have a drink during my usual routine stroll around the liquor store,
But I found a bottle of “Aramasa” that I couldn’t find anywhere.

I quickly get it to my hand so that no one will know.

  1. Aramasa Viridian Junmai
  2. What is 6-yeast?
  3. Taste evaluation
  4. Snacks

Aramasa Viridian Junmai

Aramasa  Viridian
Aramasa Viridian
Aramasa  Viridian
Aramasa Viridian

When I was a student working part-time at an izakaya, I used to spill a lot of Aramasa into a cup of sake, but now I feel it would be a waste if I spilled it, and I’ve suddenly risen in the ranks. You never know.

The design is very different from the old vertical Aramasa.
Who can read “Viridian” with these Kanjis?

What is 6-yeast?

Kyokai No. 6 yeast was isolated by Koana and others around 1935 at Aramasa Sake Brewery in Akita Prefecture. It produces a gentle, clear aroma, with a fruity aroma before and after fermentation. The TTC staining is red and the pantothenic acid requirement is positive. It consumes sugar well and has many top-fermentative characteristics. It is the oldest church yeast still distributed by the Japan Brewers Association.

Aramasa  Viridian
Aramasa Viridian

6-yeast is said to have a gorgeous Ginjo aroma. Also known as Shinsei yeast, it is what Association yeast is in the first place. For more information, Wikipedia has the characteristics of each No. What is Association Yeast?

Aramasa  Viridian
Aramasa Viridian

It’s an old cap, isn’t it? It’s a shame to open it. But it is just sake.
Open the bottle.

Aramasa  Viridian
Aramasa Viridian

A faint scent of ginjo

Sip it!

Japanese Ranking #1
Akita Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment: A
100% Misato Nishiki, 50% polished rice, 13% alcohol by volume. The label says it has a fragrance reminiscent of ripe kiwi, yuzu, and mint, but I have no idea what it is I guess I have a stupid tongue… The acidity is low for Shinsei, and the clarity is clear? It’s a thick sake with a refreshing umami flavor Savory! Thank you for the food.

Comment: B
At a modern French restaurant a glass of wine was poured into the glass.
A glass of wine poured into the glass appeared I was taken aback.
Burgundy wine appeared with it. Green labels. I’m not exaggerating.
I was stunned! I was so excited to meet Mr. Niimasa I was not prepared for this.
I was not prepared to meet Mr. Shinsei. I was just wrapped up in the fragrance without a care in the world. The fragrance of fruit that seemed to boil. The scent of a glamorous, gorgeous, successful person.
I don’t know about that I’m maxed out on excitement, but obviously it’s early days .

Taste evaluation

Aramasa  Viridian Taste evaluation
Aramasa Viridian Taste evaluation

The Sake is “Soushu”. It’s juicy, but it’s fruity, or more like juice. It has a carbonated taste and is almost like a cocktail. If I were a Showa father, I would have said, “This is not sake. It destroys the preconceived notion of sake. It would be better to call it a cocktail, but there is little difference between the two. I can see why it is so popular. The overall alcohol content is light, but the aroma is not too strong and the taste is sharp, with some acidity, but not enough to be bothersome. It is certainly delicious.


rice cake bacon.
rice cake bacon.

Since I was in the mood for a snack, I made my favorite snack, rice cake bacon.

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