Sushi bar popular in Hokkaido is also popular in Tokyo.

From major sushi bars to slightly minor ones.


Last time I visited this restaurant, there was a long line, so I avoided the busy time this time.

I waited my turn for a few minutes. However, entering the store with high expectations.


Remember, well. A handwritten menu means that each time you serve a menu, you are serving the ingredients that are in season at that time.

This is what the interior of the restaurant looks like.

The depth is much greater than expected.

Ordering. The restaurant uses a pen to write down what you want to eat on a piece of paper.

When you finish writing, you hand the paper to the staff. It is also good to eat the flowing revolving sushi.

The fish fillets are huge. The name of this restaurant “Nemuro” is the name of a region in Hokkaido. Therefore, there is a particular focus on fish. Fish from a chain restaurant.

Even from a Japanese point of view, this restaurant is highly recommended. Here is a link to the official website. There is also salmon roe that overflows when I leave.

salmon roe
salmon roe

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