Late for publication. Summer sake is the sake of the season.

Today’s sake is also a dusty, solitary sake. Shimehari-zuru is a major sake that anyone who is interested in Japanese sake will encounter at some point. As usual, I wandered around the liquor store. The cool design of the sake caught my eye, and I decided to try a famous sake once in a while.

  1. 〆Harituru Ginjyo
  2. What is Nama-Seizou?
  3. I looked it up
  4. Evaluation of Taste
  5. Snacks

〆Harituru Ginjyo


What is Nama-Chozou?

To understand the concept of Nama-Seizou, you have to learn about Hi-ire. I have already explained about Hi-ire in another article, so please refer to that article. Basically, hiki-nuri is done twice. The name of hi-ire changes depending on whether it is done twice or not, when it is done, and so on. Nama-zake, Nama-chozou, and Nama-fukuji also have different flavors.

Nama-chozou is easy to remember, so the kanji character for nama-chozou means “raw” in Japanese. Nama-chozou is stored in a state where it is not heated. When it is taken out of storage and bottled, it is heat-sterilized by adding heat. Therefore, it is fired only once.

I looked it up.

The website of Miyao Sake Brewery is simple and easy to read. I felt that it was a little too simple and the content might be a little thin. It seems that you can buy sake directly from the brewery.

Old caps. Don’t cut your hand!




Faint ginjo aroma.


Japanese ranking 51st
Niigata Prefecture Ranking 6th

Comment: A
The freshness of summer sake has diminished at this time of year, but the overall taste is mellow and delicious.

Comment: B
Calm and mellow flavor with Freshness, roundness and rounded sweetness.
Rounded, soft and rounded sweetness.It is crisp and dry with a nice mouthfeel.

Evaluation of Taste

Taste evaluation of Shimehari Tsuru
Taste evaluation of Shimehari Tsuru

In contrast to the aroma, it is refreshing. It is a refreshing sake. It is like water with no cloying taste. The moderate sweetness and refreshing citrus-like aroma make it a refreshing sake that is easy to finish. It is a food sake. It has a moderate alcohol taste and is easy to drink for a long time. The sweetness is enhanced when drunk with fatty foods such as bonito, and it is refreshing to drink through. It seems to go well with Japanese food in general, such as sashimi and soba noodles. The balance is very good. One person can finish a bottle in no time.


Katsu-don (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice)
Katsu-don (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice)

Katsuya’s katsudon is very good, isn’t it? I took it out tonight. It was a good sake, so I could have had sashimi or something. But it tastes good, so it’s okay.

It was a good day, too!

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